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Canadian Language School is a private educational institution located in Slovakia, concentrating mainly on teaching English and French language and to these languages relevant history and culture.
The institution was founded in Montreal, Canada in 2000 in collaboration with the CPC department of renowned Concordia University and College Platon, one of the best private language schools in the western world for more than 50 years. On April 10th 2001, the Canadian Language School acquired the College Platon Certificate of Appointment and was awarded the title: College Platon Representative of Linguistic Studies for the Czech and Slovak Republics.
Our method and curriculum for teaching foreign languages is unique in Europe and we stand out in our domain.
The Canadian Language School has branches in the Slovak cities of Nitra, Trenčín, Trnava a Žilina and sister schools in the Canadian cities of Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.
About 5 000 satisfied students, more than 100 companies and government institutions have already been taught in our classrooms. Some of our clients have been, for example:
The Slovak Ministry of Defense, the Slovak Ministry of Internal Affaires, Police Trnava, T-Com, T-Mobile, ČSOB, VÚB, Tatrabanka, CITIBANK, Slovenská sporiteľňa, DEXIA Bank, TESCO, BAUMAX, Dealers BMW, NISSAN and FORD, Lugera & Maklér, SLOVEO, YTONG Xella, Johns Manville Slovakia, DALKIA, ZF SACHS Slovakia, PPA ENERGO, OTHUA, TRANKWALDER, ZENTIVA, Airplane Reparation Facility Trenčín and much more.
Most of all our clients appreciate our highly effective teaching method, the professionalism of our foreign teachers, friendly approach of all our staff, flexibility and also very reasonable prices.

Our mission is to promote cultural exchange and communication between nations the world over. By learning English and French and relevant history and culture, a new horizon opens up for students as they prepare to find their place in the global village.
Our philosophy is based on a new trend in learning, which implies that languages are best taught naturally, by native speakers, or by language teachers who have adopted the studied language as their first language.

Our highly qualified teachers are mostly from Canada, USA, United Kingdom and Australia, where they are selected and recommended to us, not just for their professional profile assessment, but also for their genuine personal characteristics.
Our language programs are based on The System of Three Synergetic Competencies, established by the Canadian Ministry of Education. This globally recognized and unique system has been used in Canada for decades. It has been designed specifically to teach English and French to speakers of other languages, to prepare them for the western job market and to accompany them in their continuing education. Over the years, this program has proven that is possible to achieve a competent level of communication in the chosen language after only 5 months of intensive study.
Our students will learn all aspects of their chosen language of study, from grammar, or the base of the language, to oral and written expression, always with a strong focus on oral communication. Our teachers teach small groups of 4 - 12 students.
We prepare our students for the Real World, especially for studies at foreign schools and for employment, which requires them to be fluent in English or French. After completing the whole program and the final exam, our students will receive a graduate diploma: Certificate of Proficiency in English or French.
Our teaching method and program is accredited by the Slovak Ministry of Education.

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